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Dr hab. Karol Chrobak

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Dr hab. Karol Chrobak holds PhD and Habilitation in Philosophy from the Jagiellonian University, where I also obtained my MA. His doctoral thesis (2003) was a philosophical monograph on the theory of the plurality of realities by Leon Chwistek. His habilitation thesis (2014) was devoted to Helmuth Plessner's philosophy of life and its location within the tradition of German philosophical anthropology. Academic interests include social philosophy and philosophy of culture. Currently, Dr. Chrobak is working on two philosophical monographs, one devoted to the analysis of the world of everyday experience, and another one to the question of violence.

Professional activities

  • Assistant professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • Coordinates a ministerial project devoted to translation and critical edition of Leon Chwistek's writings. The purpose of the project is to publish an English reader embracing all Chwistek's essays treating about the theory of plurality of realities.

Selected Publications


  • "Między naturą a kulturą. Filozofia życia Helmutha Plessnera", Fundacja Aletheia, Warszawa 2014, pp. 391.
  • "Niejedna rzeczywistość. Racjonalizm krytyczny Leona Chwistka", Wyd. Inter-Esse, Kraków 2004, pp. 1-316. Per-Reviewed


  • "Helmuth Plessner's Philosophy of Life", „Teoria. Rivista di filosofia fondata da Vittorio Sainati", XXXIV/2014/2 (Terza serie IX/2: Rethinking ‘Nature' – Ripensare la ‘natura'.
  • Authors and Problems/Figure e problemi), pp. 65-82. 2. "What Plurality of Realities? Some Critical Remarks on the Philosophy of Leon Chwistek", "Polish Journal of Philosophy", Vol. VI, No. 1 (Spring 2012), Jagiellonian University, pp. 7-25.
  • "Plurality of Ontologies. How to Understand the Diversity of Reality?", [in:] René John, Jana Rückert-John, Elena Esposito (eds.), Ontologies der Moderne, Springer VS, Wiesbaden 2013, pp. 85-106

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