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Dr Luc Ampleman

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Political scientist, transport researcher and lecturer at the Institute of European Studies. Former transport planner in the High North of Quebec (Canada) and erstwhile associate director at ITS Polska (Poland), Luc is currently working as an Associate Professor at the University of Kielce. His key research interests include transport diplomacy, sustainable mobility, local geopolitics in remote areas, structural narrative semiotics in geography as well as the political geography of rock and metal music.

Professional activities

  • Current Research project: MoDERA (Mobility diplomacy in European remote Areas), which investigates the challenges faced by small communities in peripheral areas in the age of global transport hyper-connectivity.
  • SPACE2ID (2015-2017) - EU FUNDS (COSME Program, 2015) – 187,000 EURO. Representative of Polish cluster Klaster-ITS and consortium Member (6 countries / 10 clusters). Development of a road-map to facilitate the technological transfer from the aerospace industry to five other industrial sectors.
  • Transportation Plan of the Nord-du-Québec region (2001-2008) As the lead regional transportation planner of the Ministry of Transport of Québec for the Northernmost region of Quebec (Canada).
  • Integrated management of transport network in Nord of Québec Region - The decision-making criteria (2004) Research project conducted under the direction of Gerard Duhaime. Cf. Duhaime, G., Julie, B., & Ampleman, L. (2004). Gestion intégrée des réseaux de transport dans le Nord-du-Québec. Groupe d’études inuit et circumpolaires (GÉTIC) de l’Université Laval. Québec.

Selected Publications

  • Ampleman, L. (2020, forthcoming). Transport Infrastructures and Land Use Geopolitics in Canada. In M. Gabrys, M. Marczuk-Karbownik, & M. Paluszkiewicz-Misiaczek (Eds.), Canadian Political, Social and Historical (Re)visions in 20th and 21st Century. Peter Lang Verlag.
  • Ampleman, L., & Shaw, A. (2020) . The politics of Care. On the Future of Euro(culture) Classrooms. In J. de Jong, M. Neuman, S. Neuman Stanivukovic, & M. van der Waal (Eds.), European Studies and Europe, Twenty Years of Euroculture Studies in Euroculture. Göttingen: University of Groningen Press.
  • Shaw, A., & Ampleman, L. (2020). Riders on the Storm: Using Active Learning Techniques to Foster the Development of the Citizen Scholar in Poland. In M. Szczyrbak & Z. Mazur (Eds), New Perspectives in English and American Studies. Volume Two: Language (pp. 243–265).
  • Ampleman, L. (2017). High North Geopolitics Beyond Scales. Miscellanea Oeconomicae, II(4), 237–254.
  • Ampleman, L. (2015) Québec: une ville cachée qui mérite d’être vue et revue. Preface of R. Guertin (2014) Cachez cette ville que je ne saurais voir. Six textes sur Québec. Québec: Les Éditions GID.
  • Ampleman, L. (2014) Veille stratégique et recherches sur le Nord et la Nordicité au Québec. In Actes du Colloque "Premiers États généraux des études québécoises en Italie et Perspective européenne". Sous la direction de P. Puccini, F. Regattin, V. Zotti, J-F. Plamondon. Bologna: I libri di Emil.
  • Ampleman, L. (2012) Transportation Planning and Sustainable Development in the Far North: The main barriers and potential avenues in Monica Tennberg (Ed.), Politics of governance in the Barents region, pp. 180-221. Rovaniemi: Lapland University Press.

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Courses taught at CES

  • Introduction to political and social philosophy
  • Academic skills

Other courses taught at the Institute of European Studies (UJ) include:

  • Eurocompetence II: cultural project management and Intercultural communication
  • Eurocompetence III: Professional and research project design
  • Methodology and international programme preparation (sessions)
  • Research track: "Everything Academia does not tell you about Academia"