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Dr Łucja Piekarska-Duraj

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Łucja Piekarska – Duraj, ph.d. is sociologist and social anthropologis social studying the dynamics of social memory and identity,her special area of interest being museums. Her professional experience includes various collaborations with museums and other heritage institutions making her a keen heritage interpreter as well as its analyst. Awarded several scholarships and awards (Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Associacion de Centres culturelles de dialogue (FR); Malopolska Mareshall Office). She has been serving as an expert of the Council of Europe contributing to the Routes4U projest). She coauthored manual of heritage interpretation in museums. Currently involved in research about populism, teaching about Europe ans its heritage and projects related to collective memory formation.

Professional activities

  • 2019 - principal researcher in Horizon2020 POPREBEL “Popular rebellion against modernity in 21st-century Eastern Europe: neo-traditionalism and neo-feudalism”;
  • 2019 – researcher and trainer in Erasmus + Cultural Heritage International Curriculum (CHIC) to be finalised with multilingual manual for academic students;
  • 2013 – 2018 principal researcher in international project „The Europeanization of realms of memory and the construction of common heritage” funded by Polish National Centre of Science;
  • 2004 – 2007 researcher and article author in Culture 2000 multiannual project The Square: a European Heritage. La Place: un patrimoine europeen co - author of expertise on symbolic construction of public space in European Squares; project finalised with a Charter for the protection of shared public space.

Selected publications

  • The Invisible Hand of Europe. The Museum as a civilizing tool. (a monograph on Europeanization of heritage, pp.250; in publishing process; Peter Lang 2020);
  • Narrating Otherness in Poland and Sweden. European Heritage as a Discourse of Inclusion and Exclusion (with Krzysztof Kowalski and Barbara Törnquist-Plewa, Peter Lang 2019)
  • Diversity and Unity. How Heritage Becomes the Narrative for Europe’s Future (with Krzysztof Kowalski and Barbara Törnquist-Plewa) thematic volume of „Politeja” 2018, nr 1, vol. 52.
  • Democratization as an Aspect of Heritage Europeanization. The Museum Triangle [in:] K. Kowalski, B. Törnquist-Plewa (eds.), Europeanization of Heritage and Memories in Poland and Sweden, Kraków 2016;
  • Local Museum in a global world. Practical Manual., available online; (Lokalne Muzeum w globalnym świecie. Poradnik praktyczny) (with: J. Hajduk, P.Idziak, S.Wacięga), Małopolski Instytut Kultury, Kraków, 2013;

Courses taught at CES

  • Contemporary Literary and Performing Cultures of CEE