Student Services

CES students are offered a high standard of services aimed at making their transition into a new environment as smooth as possible. Our dedicated staff is available 24/7, either during office hours or by phone, in order to ensure that students are provided with all the support and advice they may need during their studies at CES.

Although life in a new country and culture may be difficult to adjust to at first, the Centre for European Studies helps international students navigate the potential linguistic, cultural and bureaucratic differences. The specific services offered include:

  • Providing students with an Information Guidebook, which details visa procedures, dorm accommodations, living expenses, etc.
  • Organizing a comprehensive orientation session upon the students' arrival
  • Helping students find alternative accommodation, if they are searching for private housing
  • Aiding students in legalizing their stay in Poland and accompanying them the Department of Foreigners' Affairs in Krakow
  • Assisting students with insurance and medical coverage as well as doctors visits
  • Hosting integration and cultural events meant to familiarise students with local traditions and to encourage participation in cultural opportunities in Krakow
  • Preparing students for their future with career development services and organizing career workshops, locating internship opportunites and connecting students with our Alumni network.

"The cultural differences can make living in Europe difficult, and the school curriculum is challenging, but the services offered by the Centre for European Studies make things easier, and it's been great meeting other students of various nationalities."

Hyung-Jun, South Korea