Other Programmes at IES

The Institute for European Studies at the Jagiellonian University also offers several international MA degree programmes, which cooperate with the Centre for European Studies.

Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Euroculture

The Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts in Euroculture is a 4 semester (2 year), 120 ECTS, full-time interdisciplinary and transnational programme. Studies take place in at least two universities of the Consortium, from which they obtain a joint degree. It stands out from other European Studies programmes by its approach in which the citizen - instead of structures and models - is the central point of attention and reflection. It offers students the opportunity to study and discuss European integration issues such as multiculturalism, current political governance, European identity and evolving socio-political processes. The international dimension of the programme allows for transnational cross-over comparisons of relevant concepts and their understanding in different regions in the world.

Euroculture is a unique inter-university project that aims to prepare graduates for professions and research areas in which knowledge of contemporary Europe and European Union institutions are of relevance. The focus of the programme is on cultural and social developments in Europe, its heritage and identity as well as values, citizenship and cultural relations. The relevance of values and perceptions on identity requires sensitive and well-informed professionals in this field to work as diplomats, bureaucrats, project managers, journalists and cultural consultants. The programme allows for intense networking opportunities and cross-cultural experiences.

How to Apply

Structure of the Programme

Contact: office@euroculturekrakow.com

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This joint Master's degree programme in international relations is carried out within the  framework of the VNDREAM network, which consists of: Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), University of Pecs (Hungary) and Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia).This joint Master's programme offers a unique opportunity to study international relations, European politics, economy, society & culture from the perspective of the Visegrad region.

Experienced faculty of the leading universities from the Visegrad region as well as visiting professors and guest lecturers from renowned international academic and diplomatic institutions provide insightful and inspiring instruction about major developments in contemporary international law, economics, politics and culture in light of the European integration processes seen from the standpoint of the Visegrad region.


Contact: visegrad@uj.edu.pl


The 2010-11 academic year marked the beginning of the Polish-French double degree programme, which is jointly run by the Institute of European Studies JU and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques at the University of Strasbourg. These are two outstanding institutions which both have a widely renowned reputation in the field of European Studies. 

The double degree is a two-year programme. The first year takes place at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (IE). Selected students follow a course of studies particular to European Studies, and all courses are run in English (core courses, specialisations and electives). However, if the student so desires, he or she is able to take courses in Polish (electives only).

The second year of studies takes place at the University of Strasbourg (IEP). The programme is an integral part of the Master in "Politiques européennes", and offers lectures and seminars that deal with European issues as well as Franco-Polish relations. In order to fill these requirements, lecturers are not only members of academic staff, but also experts and practitioners in the field of European issues and Franco-Polish relations.

The fourth semester is dedicated to the writing of the MA thesis (in French or English) and sitting the thesis defence. Additionally, the student may also choose to do an internship at this time. 

Competencies gained

Students who successfully finish the programme receive the two following degrees:

  • Master Politiques européennes in the discipline of Sciences politiques et sociales at the University of Strasbourg.
  • Master of European Studies from the Jagiellonian University


For more information about the Strasbourg-Jagiellonian programme and admissions procedure, please contact Dr Krzysztof Kowalski.