Erasmus +

The Erasmus+ is an EU programme in education and training that facilitates student mobility to study in more than one country. CES students are encouraged to consider participation in this programme, and even non-EU citizens studying at the Jagiellonian University may apply. It is a great way to gain international experience, diversify your CV, conduct relevant  resarch towards your MA Thesis, and learn a new culture and language.

CES is also pleased to warmly welcome incoming Erasmus students into our classes. Please be aware that places in these classes are limited, and the number of incoming Eramus students at various units of the Jagiellonian University is large.  We have implemented some regulations in order to best serve all students.  Below you will find requirements and guidelines for studying as an Erasmus student at CES.  In the "See Also" column (to the right), a timetable of classes is available. 

The Erasmus code for the Jagiellonian University is PL KRAKOW01.


Erasmus/Socrates and other international exchange students may register for CES MA courses (which can only be taken for credit, not audited) providing that:

  • There is sufficient space and the class has not been filled to capacity by CES students, who have priority (some classes in the CES programme are mandatory for CES students),
  • They undertake to actively participate in class and complete the required coursework, readings and preparation, as prescribed in the course syllabus,
  • They have a sufficiently high level of English to participate fully in class (generally C1 or higher). Students whose English is considered inadequate by the instructor will be denied a place.

Individual Erasmus students may not take more than three of the courses which are part of the CES MA programme.


Students must register online at USOS web during the first week of classes using their university login and password provided by the International Student Mobility Office. International students enrolled at the Institute of European Studies will have priority over students enrolled elsewhere, and places will then be decided based on time of online registration. The CES Registrar will inform students by email which courses they have been granted a place in.

Students who wish to withdraw from a course in which they are enrolled must do so online at USOS web . 

Students who are not given a place should check the course registration list in the USOS system to see whether any places become free before the above deadline for withdrawal. If a place becomes available they may request to register for the course in person at the CES office.


CES students (except of students of double degree programmes) may also take advantage of the Erasmus Student Network programme, regardless of citizenship. More details.