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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

MA in Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies

The double degree MA in European Studies / MA in Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies programme combines teaching with high-quality research. It provides students with knowledge in the field of EU studies and democracy and governance, as well as a platform for the exchange of ideas and interpretation among students, scholars and researchers interested in democracy, leadership and EU institutions and policies. It helps to answer questions about the direction, dynamics and future of democracy in Europe and European integration. This innovative programme offers international seminars to broaden the students' perspectives on the topics in question. Students will choose from mandatory and elective courses and will benefit from supervision at both Universities.

Partner: Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Programme Duration: Two years (four semesters), 126 ECTS.

Study Mode: Full time

Suitable for: This programme is designed for students eager to learn more about contemporary Europe understood as a political, economic and social project. It is open for students interested in the political order in Europe, new global challenges and perspectives.

Students are able to start in Krakow and progress to Lisbon and vice-versa.

Diploma: The successful completion of the two-year double degree programme will lead to the award of two degrees: MA in the field of European Studies (EU Studies specialization) from the Jagiellonian University and MA in Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Advisory Board of the MA Programme: Marc Plattner (Chair), Martin Bútora, Larry Diamond, Paul Flather, Ivan Krastev, Horst Mewes, Bronislaw Misztal, Anthony O'Hear, Clifford Orwin, Lord Raymond Plant, Susan Shell, and Aleksander Smolar.

Eligible for holders of undergraduate degrees (1st cycle). Final year undergraduates may also apply. 

Appropriate level of English language proficiency.

Students wishing to pursue this double degree programme must pay tuition fees to both the Jagiellonian University and Universidade Católica Portuguesa. The fees differ at these two universities and prospective students should consult both programmes for up-to-date information. For programme fee information for a year at the Centre for European Studies, please go to tuition and fees. The Universidade Católica Portuguesa tuition fee information may be found on their website.

Students who graduate from this programme are qualified to work in diplomacy and international relations, regional, local and national governmental positions, non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, consultancy and public affairs, private companies and business associations, financial institutions and European Union Institutions (Council, Parliament, Commission and Support Services).

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron


The programme of study for each student will be consulted with the coordinators at both universities. Please also consult the Study Programme in the "See Also" column.

Students earn 126 ECTS points during the 2 years of the programme and may study at the Jagiellonian University in either the first or second year.