All students enrolled in the CES MA programmes are guaranteed a place in our halls of residence. Alternatively students may also also rent a private apartment.


The cheapest housing option for students are the halls of residence. For CES  students, rooms are available in the following dorms: 


ul. Rejmonta 11, 30-059 Krakow, Poland
tel. +48 12 37 81 300

ul. Piastowska 47, 30-067 Krakow, Poland

tel. +48 12 62 23 300


Al. 3 maja 5, 30-063 Krakow, Poland
tel. +48 12 62 21 100

Rooms consist in two and three-person rooms that are furnished. The cost per person is currently 345 zł per month, which includes utilities and internet access.

Living in the dorms is convenient and cheap. The dorms are located in the center of the city and are near to CES classes (10-15 minutes walk). It also provides a good opportunity to meet other Polish and international students.

Please be advised that students also have to pay a 200 zł. deposit, which will be refunded at the end of the students' stay, if no damages are incurred.

For a peak at the dorm rooms, take a look at our Housing Photo Gallery.


Although the Jagiellonian University is able to offer all students a spot in the halls of residence, some choose to rent private flats while studying in Krakow.

On the one hand, living in a private flat allows you to control your environment to a greater extent than you could in the halls of residence. On the other hand, obtaining a temporary residence card may be slightly more difficult if you live in a private flat. Private flats are much more expensive than the halls of residence.

The Centre for European Studies will have a staff member who will be responsible for researching available flats in Krakow. He/she will make appointments with the owners of the flats. He/she will be available throughout the day to visit the flats with the students, and will also help students negotiate the terms of the contract with the owner of the property.

We will do our best to assist our students, but the Jagiellonian University cannot be held responsible for contracts between students and third parties.