Study Abroad Fees

Study abroad finances may often be an overwhelming but very significant factor that each student must consider. While personal choices (such as housing, travel, and lifestyle) vary from student to student, the cost of living for international students in Krakow is low and you may enjoy a lot that the city has to offer without stretching your wallet. The information provided below will help you determine an estimated budget and plan accordingly.


The programme fees cover all tuition (including language courses), one study-trip abroad per semester, as well as access to all CES and university student facilities.

One Semester 4,000 euro
One Year 7,500 euro

Students studying at CES for two semesters may pay in two instalments of 4,000 euro (by 15 October) and 3,500 euro (by 15 March).


Autumn 15 October
Spring 15 March


The programme fees do not cover room, board, transportation, insurance, the costs of additional study trips or other miscellaneous costs.


There are two billing options, either your home university is billed or you pay the programme fees directly to us. Please consult your Study Abroad office to determine your school's policies and billing procedure. 

If you are paying directly, the programme fees must be paid by bank transfer.


Name/account title:

Uniwersytet Jagielloński


CITI Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.

University account number:

PL 96 1030 1944 2906 2204 9999 9999

Bank's address:

ul. Senatorska 16

00-923 Warszawa

Swift code: CITIPLPX

Title of payment:

Centre for European Studies - SA fees for ______________ (name of student)


There are several outside funding opportunities that are worth looking into. We encourage that you explore these options so that your study abroad experience may be not only educational and fun but also cost effective.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Current recipients of federal student financial aid and the Pell Grant are eligible to apply for this grant, which is offered by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State.

David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship
Poland ia among the countries deemed critical to U.S. national security and American undergraduate students interested in studying about this regions and its language may apply for the scholarship awarded by the National Security Education Program (NSEP).

Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship
Members of the Golden Key Honors Society may get financial support for study abroad.

Global Studies Foundation Study Grant
This is a good opportunity for those students who are already studying abroad. Supplementary funding is available, particularly for those studying in countries deemed strategicanlly significant for the U.S.

Institute of International Education: Study Abroad Funding
A search engine for study abroad scholarships.

International Education Financial Aid
This search engine contains information about all types of scholarships, grants and fellowships, including study abroad.



1. Accommodation

a. Hall of Residence (Shared room with 1 or 2 people)

- 380 zloty/ month (88 euro/month) (100 USD)

- (Foreign students must pay a one month rent deposit, which they get back at the end of their stay if no damages were incurred)

b. Private Housing

- 700 - 2000 zl/ month (157-448 EUR/month) (210 – 600 USD)

- (Cost depends on location, whether utilities are included or not, room size, and # of roommates)

2. Board

a. University Halls do not offer meal plans. Basic kitchens and cheap cafeterias are available onsite.

b. Food budgets per month may range from 600-1000 zl, (134 – 223 EUR) (180 – 300 USD) depending on the individual.

3. Books

a. All required course materials and books are available in the Centre's Reading Room. Language textbooks and materials for thesis research may however be necessary.

b. Costs may range from 100-300 zl (22 EUR – 67 EUR) (30 – 90 USD) depending on the individual.

4. Communication

a. A cell phone will cost up to 200 zl (44 EUR) (60 USD), if the student does not already own one.

b. Depending on usage, students may spend 30-70 zl/month (6 – 16 EUR) (7 – 20 USD) for pre-paid phone credit.

5. Study trips

a. Participation fee: This includes transportation, housing, entrance fees to the scheduled activities and events, insurance. Please keep in mind that free time is scheduled into the study trips, which the individual students will organize for themselves and manage all costs associated with it.

b. Additional trips students might like to take may range from 500-1500 zl (111 – 336 EUR) (150 – 450 USD) in price.

6. Local Transportation

a. Cost of one tram or bus ride

- with student discount within the first zone – city centre: 1,90 zl. (0.45 EUR) (0.61USD)

- with student discount within the second zone – suburbs and airport 2, 00 zl. (0.48 EUR) (0.65 USD)

b. Monthly Card for Public transportation (with student discount) 47 zl (10.5 EUR) (15 USD)

c. Due to the close proximity of the dorms to the CES classrooms, most students choose to walk.
7. Entertainment and Personal Expenses
a. 300 – 600 zl/month (67 – 89 EUR) ( 90 – 180 USD) (Depending on the individual)
8. Approximate Currency Exchange Rates:1 Euro = 4,3 zloty
a. 1 American Dollar = 3,8 zloty
*Please be advised that these figures are meant as a guide and discrepancies may occur.


*The cost of one study trip abroad is included in the tuition fee. This includes transportation, housing, entrance fees to the scheduled activities and events, insurance.