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Отображение сетевого контента Отображение сетевого контента

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Отображение сетевого контента Отображение сетевого контента

Study Abroad: List of Courses and Syllabi

The courses offered at the Institute of European Studies are designed to give undergraduates a comprehensive and in-depth introduction into the complexities of European political, economic, and social realities and to provide a Central and Eastern European perspective on the contemporary as well as historical events and transformations occurring in Europe. Furthermore, intensive foreign language instruction is offered. Basic knowledge of the Polish language is essential for living in Poland and all students are strongly encouraged to learn Polish during their study abroad. French, German and Russian are available at the beginner's level for students who are advanced in Polish.

Each course totals 40 hours of classroom time. Students complete the course with either a written exam or a final term paper. Each student is recommended to take at least three lecture courses and a language class per semester. Some home institutions may require heavier course loads. Regular courses are worth 6  or 5 ECTS points (roughly 3 US semester credits). Language courses are worth 6 ECTS points (roughly 3 US credits).

While our courses are diverse in subject matter, some students may feel that they would like to choose from more advanced classes. If a student wishes to take a graduate-level class, he/she may request permission to do so from the Director of the Institute of European Studies. Similarly, it is often the case that study abroad students must or want to take a course or two outside of our department in order to satisfy graduation credits at their home institution. Although we encourage and support this choice, we would like to caution that students may experience scheduling conflicts, language barriers, and credit transfer issues. Our Institute will help in every way possible, but please be sure that upon your arrival at IES you are on a good graduation track that won't be deterred by study abroad.




Spring Semester 2023/24 Course Offer:

Basic Offer:

  • European States and Their Political Systems, 40 hours, 6 ECTS
  • Introduction to Philosophy, 30 hours, 6 ECTS
  • Introduction to Law, 30 hours, 6 ECTS
  • Introduction to International Relations, 40 hours, 6 ECTS
  • Introducing the EU, 40 hours, 6 ECTS
  • History and Sociology of Food and Drink in Poland, 40 hours, 6 ECTS
  • International Conflicts in Europe and Beyond, 30 hours, 5 ECTS
  • Human Rights Law in the European Context, 40 hours, 6 ECTS
  • Foreign Language (Polish or other from the offer), 60 hours, 6 ECTS

Additional Offer:

  • Polish Language and Culture (The course for students with knowledge of Polish at A1/A2 level), 30 hours, 5 ECTS
  • Practical Aspects of Polish Language and Culture (The course for students with knowledge of Polish at B1 level and above), 30 hours, 5 ECTS

*And other optional courses from the Institute of European Studies Offer 

More Information on the course and syllabi


Отображение сетевого контента Отображение сетевого контента