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Study Trips

In an effort to complement lecture and seminar-style learning, it is our priority to organise study trips so that students can experience the rich cultural life of Poland and Central and Eastern Europe and widen their knowledge of the political, economic and social realities of CEE countries. Short day/weekend trips are organised around Poland.

City tours and free time to take part in local arts and culture are scheduled and in addition to providing an unforgettable cultural experience, CES also arranges meetings, lectures and workshops with local and international NGOs, government representatives, politicians and academics. This is an unparalleled opportunity to discover and learn first-hand about the particular issues faced by various cities, political groups, social and ethnic minorities, etc. In other words, these invaluable opportunities allow students to apply theory to practice, providing the type of knowledge and insight CES believes cannot be gained from books alone.

Travel and accommodation arrangements are made in advance by the study trip coordinator. During this time regular classes are held, and it is the students responsibility to keep track their absences from class.


Travelling in Europe

While CES organizes several extracurricular activities and study trips, you may decide that you want to travel around Europe on your own before, during or after your study abroad programme. Here are some helpful pamphlets that can help you prepare and become acquainted with your rights as a traveller in the European Union.

Traveling in Europe

Your rights when travelling by train



Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron