Central and Eastern European Studies: Research Track


MA in European Studies - Central and Eastern European Studies: Research Track is an innovative specialisation which is a response to the need for professionals who will use the knowledge acquired during their studies in a fresh, inventive and novel way.

Students will gain wide knowledge about Central and Eastern Europe matters from social, economical, political and cultural perspectives, combined with practical courses about professional research know-how, management and usage (see the curriculum below).

Students will learn about the mechanisms of scientific research and how it can be transferred into actions conducive to the development of economy, society and democracy which they will then be able to implement during their internship in NGOs, public or private institutions, companies or by leading their own research.


Students of Central and Eastern European Studies: Research Track may choose the Internship Programme and  combine theory and practice during a placement in public and non-governmental institutions and organisations or private companies. This is meant to enrich their academic experience and prepare them for future opportunities in their professional careers, while also a great opportunity to establish a network of contacts with specialists active in their field of interest.

We're developing a list of partners and institutions – for more information please check our Internship Programme Partners.

...or lead your own research project about Central and Eastern Europe.

Students will be able to understand and critically evaluate the phenomena faced by countries in the CEE region. This approach provides students with a unique academic and professional skill set which enables them to create, develop and implement their own independent research project under professional supervision and prepare them to develop expertise for public and private institutions as well as non-governmental organisations in the future.

The aim is to educate top experts in the field, conscious of the role and responsibilities of researchers who will strengthen public - private partnerships in the future,.

Graduate Profile

The programme provides graduate students with interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise in Central and Eastern European Studies with a focus on gaining practical, transferable skills necessary for understanding these societiesStudents that graduate from this track will not only have theoretical knowledge but also documented experience in a chosen field and recommendations for future employees as well as a wide network of contacts. They will be ready to pursue careers in local and national governmental organisations, non-profits, specialist think-tanks and political consulting companies. Graduates can also choose to continue their studies and apply for PhDs.


The specialisation was opened within the project "Research and Expertise in Society" (2014-2016).

The project is supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants and co-financed by Polish funds.


The project is led in a collaboration with ARENA Centre for European Studies, Univeristy in Oslo.