CES Student Working Papers

Student Working Papers is an online publication of selected student essays published twice a year. 

» Who can submit

CES students at the MA level (regular MA students and students of the double-degree MA programmes) can submit their term papers for publication as CES JU Student Working Papers. One student can submit for publication not more than one paper per semester. The students must ensure that a paper which they submit for publication is of high academic standard, with all sources properly credited and all referenced works are clearly listed.

» Submission process

Step 1. The best papers written as part of a course are identified. Only essays graded with the highest mark (5,0) are eligible for publication as a paper. Both students and CES faculty members can nominate essays that they consider particularly worth publishing.

Step 2. The draft paper should be submitted to the Editing Board (CES Academic Coordinator + 1 faculty member + 2 student volunteers). 

Please include:

  • CES cover page for papers submission
  • Name, surname and contact details of the author
  • Full name of the programme
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Full list of references (works cited and bibliography)

The final decision whether a paper should be reviewed and published is taken by the Editing Board.

Step 3. The Editing Board will request a blind peer-review, following which the author should implement the suggested changes.

Each paper will be assessed by the Academic Coordinator/Faculty Member and a peer-reviewer.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the final version of the paper is edited and proofread (if necessary).

Step 4. The paper will be published in a pdf format on CES website, as part of CES JU Student Working Papers.

» Advantages of publishing a paper

Students can improve their academic profile, list the publication in their CV and place the link to their publication on their social media/professional profiles (e.g. Academia.edu, Linked.in, GoldenLine etc.)

Best CES JU Student Working Papers may be selected for publication in academic journals of the Jagiellonian University or in publications issued by partner institutions.

Students can also submit the published papers to other academic publications, provided that they expand/rework it and reference it accordingly (e.g. “A draft version of this article was published as CES JU Student Working Paper no. xx, [month, year]”)