» What programmes are offered at CES?

CES offers MA level programmes, Double Degree MA level programmes, Joint Degree MA programmes, BA level programme and Undergraduate Study Abroad programme.


» Where can I check a full list of classes offered at CES?

» Do I need to speak Polish?

No. Polish is not required when applying for any of CES programmes.

» Are courses taught entirely in English?

Yes. All the courses offered are taught in English with the exception of languages. 

» Will I be able to do a study abroad semester when enrolled?

CES students have an opportunity to benefit from a large number of cooperations Jagiellonian University has with universities worldwide, such as Erasmus exchange programme. Please see more. 

» When does academic year start in Poland?

The academic year in Poland starts on the 1st of October.

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» When does admission start?

Admission starts in mid-December each year and runs to mid-`September.

Please refer to our webpage dates and deadlines.


» If I apply now when will I know if I am accepted?

Admission process is divided into several admission rounds. Admission decision is given depending on application round you submit your application in. Application dates and deadlines

» What are the minimum requirements to apply for BA programme?

Secondary school diploma, maturity certificate, International Baccalaureate diploma (IB) or European Baccalaureate certificate. Students whose first language is not English are required to prove their English language proficiency with a recognised certificate documenting command of the English language on a level specified by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 

» How do I apply?

Admission process consists of three stages.

  1. Please submit Online application form and submit supporting documents.
  2. When application is successful, please, submit documents needed for enrolment
  3. Please submit original documents upon your arrival to the University

» How can I prove my English language proficiency?

Internationally recognized language certificate. Full list of certificates recognized and accepted by the Jagiellonian University or a proof that previous degree was taught entirely in English.


» Do I have to have English language certificate obtained by the time I submit my application?

No. If you are still waiting to obtain your language certificate or to take the exam, please inform CES Office via e-mail about the exact date when you will provide  the proof of your language skills. Please note that failure to provide the certificate by the start of your programme will result in the immediate expulsion from studies.

» Do I have to submit any document that proves my level of English if I am a native speaker?


» Where do I find an account number to pay application fee?

Bank account number is allocated to your personal OAS application. Detailed bank transfer information can be found on your OAS profile.

» How do I know if I have been accepted?

You will be informed via e-mail as well as your status in the OAS will be changed automatically once accepted.

» What do I do after I receiving acceptance e-mail?

You will receive an e-mail stating further steps you need to do in order to be enrolled for the programme. Please note that you need to stick to the deadline stated in the e-mail.

» What does “documents upon enrollment” mean?

List of documents you need to submit via post after receiving a positive decision on your application. List of documents

» What does “document upon arrival mean”?

Original documents as well as rest of documents needed to confirm your student status. Please note that those documents you need to submit once you arrive to Krakow. List of documents. 

» Is there an entry exam on an interview?


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» How do I register for student housing?

Housing registration form will be send to you via e-mail no later than August.

» Is Internet available in the dorm?

Yes, cable wi-fi is available in the dorms.

» What does housing fee include?

Housing fee include utilities and internet but do not include board plans.

» How far student housing are from the city center?

CES students are offered a place in four different University dorms. Each dorm is situated in walking proximity to the city centre and to lecture halls.

» When can I check-in to the student housing?

Usually students may move in into student housing at the end of September. For exact date and a possibility to move in earlier please e-mail CES office.

» What if I want to live in private flat?

There are couple of webpages and Facebook groups where you can look for housing offers in Krakow. If you need further help with finding private housing please consult our student adviser.