Individual Courses

Graduate students not following the MA degree programme may attend individual courses for credit including languages. Students who have not yet completed a BA degree or equivalent should refer to our undergraduate study abroad programme. Students who attend lectures, complete all assigned work and pass the examination receive the same number of ECTS credits as other course participants.

Students who are not candidates for a degree at the Centre for European Studies, nor are participants in the undergraduate study abroad programme, are given borrowing privileges at the CES course library and access to the CES computer lab when enrolled in at least three CES courses for credit per semester. They do not have full-time student status and do not receive student identification documents.

Students interested in taking individual courses should apply by sending us the application form along with the attachments mentioned on the form. Please contact us in advance to check that particular courses will be on offer.

Students who would like to conduct individual research in Poland using the Centre for European Studies as their home base should submit in writing an outline of their proposed research and what resources they would like to have available to them.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding tailored programmes or credit transfer.